I am a graduate student in Computer Science at University of Southern California (USC). I have 3 years of industry experience working as software developer. I primarily work on the backend technologies. From past couple of years, I have been exploring different facets of this field, working on different technologies, solving some tough real-world problems. This has given me the ability to think out of the box solutions. I love to collaborate/work with people who are on working on interesting problems.


I have worked on various technologies and programming languages.

  • Python, MongoDB, Java, Couch Base, SQL, JSON, HTML, Neo4j, PHP.
  • Django, Spring boot, Android, Slim, RESTful APIs.
  • Agile Methodologies, Jenkins, CICD, GIT.
  • Drink coffee


Throught out my undergraduate and graduate studies I have been developing a various projects ranging from AI to Research projects in NLP using various technologies.


GEARS (Game-Engine Assisted Research framework for Scientific computing) aims to solve the problem of rendering large atomic and molecular simulations in an interactive environment. This interactivity hugely benefits the researches as they will be able to closely observe the structure and configuration of atoms and molecules.

Taken (a FPS mobile game)

A First-person shooter game project. Using Unity 5 game engine to develop a game set in various combat environments over several levels. Using Cg for programming vertex and pixel shaders. Adobe fuse is being used for 3D asset modeling

Tic Tac Toe

This is an interactive JavaScript game. You can choose you opponent as fellow Human or a Computer or an Advanced AI. The AI has been powered by MinMax Algorithm and Alpha-Beta pruning.

Add to Spotify Playlist

This was an overnight hack to solve my problem of importing songs from youtube to spotifiy playlist for convinient access during travels. This is chrome extension that runs on the YouTube.com pages to autodetect track titles and gives an option to add to your spotify playlist. The chrome extension is live on the chrome store. It uses Spotify and Chrome APIs to get and store the content.

Clue Generator

This is an ongoing research project that I am actively involved in. The aim of this research is to provide automated clues to target words and understand what makes up a good clue. This is a word guessing game between a human and machine. I am using various NLP tools to extract various features from the automated clues / the human clues and compare them.


This was the project that I worked on in my undergraduate and was funded by Innohabit Technologies. This product was launched in one of the shopping malls in Bangalore, India. I was the architect of this product and developed major part of the web application and Android application.

The Fruit Rage

This is a AI agent that can play this game against a human or another agent. The Fruit Rage is a two player game in which each player tries to maximize his/her share from a batch of fruits randomly placed in a box.


This is an AI agent who's objective is to place baby reptile in a reptile house. I used various search techniques such as BFS, DFS and Simulated Annealing to accomplish this task.

Program E

This was an undergraduate Graphics project that I was working in my 2nd of college. This is a menu based program editor written in OpenGL and C.


During a period of time I have written plenty of crawlers for facebook and other e commerce websites.



Nvidia Graduate Intern
  • Working with Nvidia Graphic Cloud (NGC) team.
  • Work on products like Nvidia GForce Cloud, which is an on demand GPU service.
  • Build tools and products that scaling of the compute platform.


GEARS. Microsoft Hololens funded Project
  • GEARS (Game-Engine Assisted Research framework for Scientific computing) aims to solve the problem of rendering large atomic and molecular simulations in an interactive environment. This interactivity hugely benefits the researches as they will be able to closely observe the structure and configuration of atoms and molecules.
  • Built the entire application on the unity platform. Used MR-toolkit SDK, so as to make the application portable to any headset release by Microsoft or partnering companies in the future.
  • Implemented the multi-player feature. Sharing the simulation among the users of the application anywhere in the world. Designed and implement a generic pipeline so as to run any type of simulation desired by the user by loading the data file.
  • Integrated with Microsoft One drive so that the user can load files shared on the cloud. Scaling the application to support about 60,000 atomic simulations. Implemented Real-time simulation by integration with LAMMPS.
MINERVA: Machine Learning Intern
  • Architected a system to analyze startup pitch texts using an unsupervised learning method, LDA Topic Modeling.
  • Understanding hidden semantic structure of a company's annual reports using Gensim python package.


Volunteer Researcher at ICT Natural Dialog Group.
  • Working with Prof. David Traum and Phd scholar Eli Pincus on improving the clue quality of automated clue generator for give target words. The work involves analysing millions of machine as well as human clues and study their characteristics.

Started Graduate School at USC.
  • Joined Masters in Computer Science at USC during the fall of 2017. My concentration during my masters is going to be towards Data Science Subjects such as AI, NLP, Machine Learning etc. I will be graduation in Spring of 2019.

  • I worked in the supply chain division of TESCO as a part of Stock Services team. I was awarded the best new joinee award for my work on Reservation API.
  • Developed and deployed a key feature, i.e Reservation API for online ordering on tesco.com. It implements an intelligent item reservation process which allows the system to block certain products for a period of time during the normal selling and high selling season. The response time of the API was approx 100 ms with a high TPS rates. Implemented a map reduce solution to improve the response time of the Stock aggregate API by 50%.
  • Developed Automated Test suites for faster Integration and Regression testing.
  • Redesigned the logging system to improve the quality of logs and capture more critical data for monitoring purposes.
  • Revised several Splunk quires to forecast possible system failures. Also developed active monitoring dashboards and alerting features for bug detection using Splunk.

Published ACM research paper on "Multisource Keyword Extraction and Graph Construction for Privacy Preservation."
  • This paper is the continuation of my previous research paper (SWCTE: about Semantic Weighted Context Tagging Engine for Privacy Preserving Data Mining) which was published in IEEE ICDSE 2016. .
  • The architecture proposed in this paper is an improvement over SWCTE. The paper gives a concrete implementation of the proposed algorithm for Context Graph Threshold detection. With iterative pruning of the context graph, we are able to find context with varying degree of confidence level. This paper also discusses the vector making of the sensitive data generated from the graph.


Published IEEE research paper on "SWCTE: Semantic Weighted Context Tagging Engine for Privacy Preserving Data Mining"
  • This reserach was conducted under the guidance of Dr.P Deep Shenoy, Head of Department of Computer Science at UVCE.
  • In this paper, we put forward a technique to provide privacy preservation of sensitive data based on the semantic context. Our approach encapsulates various techniques of Text-processing, keyphrase extraction, Cooccurrence analysis, ontology construction and query analysis.
  • Our experimental results indicate that our solution is effective in marking the private data using the semantic context of the input text.
  • The main goal of our work is to construct a module which acts as an intermediate step in pre-processing for data mining while preserving the privacy.

Published a survey research paper on "A brief Survey on Privacy Preserving Data Mining Techniques"
  • In this paper, we analyze the privacy preserving data mining solutions and privacy leakage in them through indirect means. The main objective of this paper is to identify the open areas of research on privacy preserving data mining.

Joined TESCO as a new grad
  • Designed and developed an order fulfillment service model in the supply chain as part of the boot camp project. As part of the project, I implemented a modified Knapsack algorithm to increase order picking and Optimized order delivery algorithm using Gurobi’s simplex method.
  • This project was well received and much appreciated by the CTO of TESCO and Heads of Engineering in TESCO.

Graduated College
  • I graduated Bachelors in Computer Science from University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE), within top 2% of the computer science department.


Software Developer Intern at Innohabit Technologies
  • I turned semi-entrepreneurial with prototyping and releasing of a new platform “Closey” for personalized advertising campaigns. We had tied up with local malls and shops for the promotion of their products and offers to the users, based on their proximity to the shop. This platform used Beacon Technology for personalized marking. The platform allowed the consumers (shops) to sign up with our service and we would configure the beacons in the right locations and upload their catalog on our website. The platform offered features like sending customized promotional offers to a particular user/users groups based on their previous buying patterns, current proximity etc. It also included features like clearance campaign and automated campaigns. The product dashboard also gave insights like foot count, time spent in the store etc.
  • I engineered the platform from the ground up by conceptualizing the database model for the application. Implementing the key features on the application dashboard using PHP. I independently developed and supported the Android application for the platform which comprised of beacon stack, location stack, and wifi stack to improve the accuracy of the user.
  • Worked on Woises.com, a key product in the portfolio of Innohabit Technologies. I implemented a key feature, JIRA Synchronization which allows seamless integration with JIRA project management tool and easy migration to Woises.


Software Developer Intern at Teritree Technologies
  • Independently implemented an automated plug and play mailing engine (like Survey Monkey) to send out promotional campaigns. It was integrated with AWS SES, SendGrid, NetCore as mailing agents. The mail server encompassed generating mail list, creating HTML content, adding trackers, delivering the mail through agents and reporting the open/click events. It delivered high volumes of emails at high scales.
  • I implemented open and click email tracking feature using AWS SDK to see if we were reaching out to the right audience.
  • Wrote social media crawlers to understand the outreach of our promotions through facebook, twitter likes, comments, and shares.
  • Wrote crawlers for websites like Yepme, Lowes to get the catalog from their websites.
  • Wrote a Facebook application to establish similarity score between profiles using Facebook API and graph DB (Neo4j).

Certificate of Appreciation for the contributions towards Open Source Development in UVCE
Microsoft Student Partner(MSP)


Qualified for ACM ICPC Amritapuri 2013 onsite
Winner of SAP Lumira University Challenge
Winner of NCode-2
Winner of Summit 2013


Excellent Performance in Academic Year 2011-2012
Proficiency Certificate in Maths
Winner of Code Space at Insprion

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Contact me by writing a email to vaibhavdeasi@icloud.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.